Castle Archdale Country Park

Lake at Castle Archdale Country Park. Image: Lisa Moore

Lake at Castle Archdale Country Park. Image: Lisa Moore

Castle Archdale Country Park occupies 230 acres along the shores of Lower Lough Erne. The Manor House was built in 1773, and not much of it remains, although some of the estate’s original outbuildings are still visible. The park contains many natural attractions, such as ponds rich with resident wildfowl, a meadow of wildflowers, nature trails and butterfly gardens, and a protected red deer area.

Archdale Centre is located in the former courtyard area of the estate and houses exhibitions focused on the natural beauty of County Fermanagh, as well as the area’s agricultural history. The Centre also features an exhibit called “Castle Archdale at War” which chronicles the role of the estate during the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II.

Ruins of Castle Archdale. Image: PPCC Antifa

Ruins of Castle Archdale Manor House. Image: PPCC Antifa

At that time, Castle Archdale functioned as an aircraft base for planes that supported Allied Convoy efforts by protecting them from German U-boats. Some of the structures built for this purpose, such as ammunition dumps, flying boat docks and trenches, can still be seen in various parts of Archdale Country Park.

The park also contains a marina conveniently outfitted for boat travel to the nearby islands.

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